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Below are links to two sites that represent the For and Against of the Australian flag debate. Further down the page are links to other flag related sites for all those interested in vexillology.

Ausflag Ausflag - Established in 1981, Ausflag has been campaigning to secure popular support for the adoption of a new Australian flag. This site contains many images of Australian flags and information on their history. You will also find details of Ausflag's promotions and proposals for a new flag.

Australian National Flag Association Australian National Flag Association - Presenting the opposing side of the debate, ANFA supports the retention of the current Australian flag. Here you will find information on the flag as well as news of ANFA's promotions.

For other Australian flag proposals, visit the home page of the New Australian Flag Designs Webring.


Flags of the World Flags of the World - A comprehensive site with thousands of flag images from all over the world. Includes modern national flags, state flags, flags of historical interest and explanatory notes.

Flag Links of the World - A reference page providing links to other sites with information on various flags around the world.

FlagWire - Contains flag related news articles from around the world. Updated frequently.

Shipmate Recently Changed Flags - Gives details of other nations that have recently changed their national flag.

Symbols of Australia - An Australian government site giving details of the Australian flag, emblems and national anthem, as well as the flags and emblems of the states.

War Flags - A site devoted to military flags and ensigns from around the world, both historical and modern.

World Factbook - As well as flag images, this CIA website gives social, political, economic and geographical information on every nation.

World Flag Database - Contains images of all national flags as well as basic information on each nation.


New Caledonia New Caledonia/Kanaky - Following on from the recent referendum on increased internal autonomy in New Caledonia, this site is promoting a series of proposals for a specific flag for the French Overseas Territory according to its new status. Vote for a design or submit a new design of your own. Click here to see my own proposal.

Alternate Australian National Flag - Geoff Kelly's site argues the case for a new Australian flag and is the home of the 'New Australia Flag Designs' Webring.

Flag Proposals for Aotearoa - Like Australia, New Zealand's national flag is based on the British Blue Ensign. This page has some proposals for a new flag.

Slovenian Flag - This page gives imformation on the Slovenian flag and coat of arms as well as some proposals for new symbols. This site also includes a couple of Austaralian proposals in the "Links" section.

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