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New South Wales

Flag Proportion: 1:2
Proposed Use: State and Civil Flag

This flag design draws strongly from New South Wales' flag history. The earliest recorded flag of an Australian colony was the 1832 New South Wales Ensign. This flag featured a blue cross on a white background with the Union Jack in the canton. The cross was charged with five white stars representing the Southern Cross. The flag later became a popular symbol of Australian federalism in the 1890's and was even flown alongside the Union Jack as Australia's flag during Federation celebrations in 1901.

This design is a modification of the original New South Wales Ensign. The blue cross is maintained and the Union Jack removed. The white background is changed to light blue creating a colour combination that is widely used, particularly in sport, as the representative colours of New South Wales. The white fimbration recalls the previous white background while the stars are eight pointed in keeping with the current state badge. The flag also shows similarites with the state coat of arms.

The flag is an attempt to revive and update New South Wales' earliest flag. It shows influence from Britain while at the same time drawing heavily from the state's own flag tradition.

Flag design © Dylan Crawfoot 1999

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