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Flag Proportion: 1:2
Proposed Use: State and Civil Flag

This Queensland flag design maintains links with the state's current Blue Ensign, but represents the symbols in a format unique to Queensland. The red and blue separated by a narrow white strip recall the colours of the Union Jack and the current flag, however the red has been changed to maroon, popularly acknowledged as Queensland's state colour. On the hoist, the blue triangle is a stylised representation of the State of Queensland.

In the maroon field, the state badge is maintained in a modified form, providing further continuity with the present flag. The crown of the current badge is replaced with a seven-pointed star acknowledging Queensland as being a state of the Commonwealth of Australia. The use of the star anticipates a possible move towards Australia adopting a republican system of government. If such a change were not to take place and Queensland were to retain links with the monarchy, the present badge bearing the crown on the Maltese Cross could be maintained.

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