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New South Wales

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In 1865 the British Admiralty issued regulations regarding the use of flags on colonial warships. Vessels in service of each colony were to fly the British Blue Ensign (a blue flag with the Union Jack in the canton) with a badge of the respective colony in the fly. In just over a decade, each of the Australian colonies had adopted badges, and by 1904 had selected the badges that form the basis of the Australian states' flags today.

The original purpose of these flags was primarily to signify the colonies as being part of the British Empire. The flags emphasised conformity, with the identity of a colony being contained within its respective badge. Today, the states are no longer British colonies, rather they are states of the Commonwealth of Australia. The present Blue Ensigns do not act as distinctive emblems for the states. Presented here are some proposals for new flags, each design drawing from the history and symbols of the respective states. For further information, click on the flag images.




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